Support Systems
NbI-Support Systems Novablue Industries produces various kinds of support systems in accordance with BS 6946:1988. The application of such Support Systems produced by Novablue Industries is focused mainly towards carrying the load of the entire range of Novablue Cable Management Systems i.e. Cable Trays, Wire Baskets, Cable Ladders and Cable Trunkings with the most time and cost effective methods of installation. The complete range of Uni-Strut Channels, Cantilever Arms, Base posts etcetera are made in Hot Dip Galvanized finishes in accordance to BSEN ISO 1461: 1999, Pre-Galvanized in accordance to BSEN 10147 and Stainless Steel as per BSEN 10088-2 1995. These supports can also be provided in various finishes such Powder and Epoxy coated.